Services we offer at Bushwood Golf Shack


For services please call, come in or drop off you items. Contact us at  (863) 656-5182 or or send us a message at and we will respond as quickly as possible. Not seeing the service you need please contact us to discuss your needs we would love to help!


$3/ grip (5 or more $2/ grip) + cost of grip  

 Large selection of club grips and putter grips in stock 

Club grips in stock $5 - $15 ea. Putter grips $8  28 

All grip tape used is PGA certified 

Golf Club Repairs 

  •  Replace broken shaft $10 materials & labor + cost of new shaft and grip (most shafts in stock $25-$40) 

We do not stock most adapters, we would have to order them. Additional charge will apply. 

  • Shorten length of shaft $5 material & labor + cost of grip 
  • Lengthen shaft $10 materials & labor + cost of grip 

Recondition set of clubs 

$15 to recondition a full set of clubs.  

Reconditioning consists of cleaning club heads, grooves, shafts and grips with PGA certified cleaners. Touch up paint on club heads. 

Golf Spike Replacement 

$10 to remove and replace golf spikes + cost of spikes and clean shoes. 

Every golf spike connection type in stock