BGS Customer Stories September 2020

This is our favorite customer story to date.

Meet Benny “Bullet Proof” Booysen

Benny sent Bushwood Golf Shack an email from Belfast, Ireland asking about the DV8 System we had available for sale on our website. He explained that he has a passion for golf and loves to play the game. However, Benny had a tragic thing happen to him when he lived in South Africa. He was a victim of a home invasion. Benny was shot two times in each shoulder this limited his ability to swing a golf club. He sent me a picture of a wrist strap/harness that holds a club in his hands. He explained how cumbersome changing each club on the next shot was and thought the DV8 System with
detachable heads might work for him.

I told Benny I would send him a personal video of me actually working the system for purchase so he could see how it functions. Once he viewed the video and saw how easily he could use the system he decided it was the right system for him and purchased it. We shipped it to Belfast. After the clubs were received Benny sent us a message letting us know that he received the clubs and is over the moon with his purchase! 

Its great to see Benny so happy. His swing looks better. We look forward to Benny sending us more input, photos and videos. What an inspiration to all golfers who love the game, specially those of us who complain about our aches and pains!  I hope I get to play a round with Benny if I ever get to Ireland! 

Check out Benny's swing by watching this video!